The Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth through partnering education, creativity and character development.

NCM Street Piano

In the summer of 2012 NCM embarked on a unique artistic community project. The Objective was for our youth create an interactive community art piece that combined visual arts, musical arts and team building. The NCM members and youth decided to paint pianos and strategically place them on corners for all to enjoy.

The Wall

We at the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation inject creativity in all that we do and this PSA video is no exception. The video artistically demonstrates and articulates, via a time lapse drawing, the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation’s ideals and vision.

Dr. Chris Emdin

Dr. Chris Emdin, urban education specialist, creates a personal message for the youth, parents, and supporters of Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation.

Radio Interviews

NCM youth have the opportunity to host their very own radio show through the NCM youth radio workshops. They choose the music that is played and the topics that are addressed. It is their show and theirs alone. In this video you will see the responses to interview questions of the 1st group of host.

Arts Festival

Nurture the Creative Mind is an organization that believes that all artistic expression is beautiful and this was demonstrated quite well for the whole of our community during the Ogden Arts Festival 2012.

Fox 13 Coverage

Blank Page magazine is a “for youth by youth” publication. Through workshops the NCM youth learn marketable skills such as creative writing, photography, graphic design and many others. This magazine is the 1st of its kind in Utah and being such a historical event was covered by Fox 13 news.

“Reelin’ it in” Video Blog

“Reelin’ it in” is a video blog project where NCM youth interview local community members, business owners, and artists. From beginning to end they develop and control the end product. Through this process they establish public speaking skills as well as confidence in themselves.

1st NCM PSA- *Have to find the video for this one

In this PSA you will hear from our Founder, Amir A.H. Jackson, his personal vision of the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation.

NCM Poetpgraphy

The NCM Poetogrpahy exhibits use creative and artistic expression to empower youth within the community, helping them establish self-value and dignity through the application of poetry and photography.